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Access Audit - Stack Seaburn

February 5th, 2024, 6:25AM


Did you know that we had our very first walk and wheel event on the 28th of Jan? And guess what, we'll be doing it every last Saturday of the month at 11am! We kicked off our first walk by visiting the stunning Stack Seaburn and even took on the role of mystery shoppers to review its accessibility.⁠


⁠But here's what we discovered:

  1. You can actually remove a bench to get seated at a table properly! How cool is that?

  2. There's a lift that takes you directly to the second floor for a perfect view of the stage.

  3. And, you can even have fun in the photobooth!


⁠Of course, there are always areas for improvement and we have some suggestions: 1. A changing place toilet would be a great addition. 2. Lower service counters for better accessibility. 3. And a dedicated buzzer for staff to provide table service for those who need assistance. ⁠

⁠We want to give a huge shoutout to @stackseaburn for their efforts in making their space more accessible. But let's not stop there, let's work together and make Sunderland city the place to be for everyone of all abilities.

Get in touch with us for a full access review by our disabled access champions!

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