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Donate to support the disabled community!

July 11, 2023, 7:09PM


Wish You Were With Us!

Exercise, rest and relaxation are essential for our wellbeing, yet many people with disabilities face barriers regularly when trying to access leisure and wellbeing services. Here at TLC we are on a mission to change this and put accessibility centre stage, but we need your help! We are all about unlocking leisure and wellbeing for people with disabilities and long-term conditions, we do this through:

Accessible Fitness and Wellbeing

Outreach and online: We deliver a range of adapted, seated classes around fitness, wellbeing, and skill-building. We welcome disabled people, people with long term conditions and their carers to our programme of activities across the North East.

Accessible Short Stay Breaks

We have a luxury adapted caravan at the Haven Resort in Berwick-upon-Tweed and it's a great venue for a perfect get away for all the family. This facility is offered at a reduced price for our customers with leisure passes included, which can be used to access the wide range of facilities and activities on site, at a discounted price or for free. 


Accessibility Reviews

Our access reviews are constructive, positive, collaborative and community driven, they engage the local disabled community to provide feedback on recommended changes from a 'lived experience perspective', to help local businesses such as Spanish City and Bamburgh Castle, to make improvements to their premises and services - enhancing the customer experience for disabled visitors. 


Funding and Future Plans

Led by regional research we have attracted the attention of numerous national funders and now run a host of accessible fitness projects across the North East region. These community based and virtual fitness programmes run alongside a continued funding drive to raise £1.5 million for the development of an innovative, one-of-a- kind accessible short break holiday and leisure complex, the ‘Butterfly of the North’.

What Do Donations Support?

In addition to supporting Tailored Leisure to raise money for their future plans...donations can also support a range of amazing opportunities for our members. Here are just some examples:

£5 could pay for a day’s travel for one of our ‘Support Us’ volunteers! £10 could pay for refreshments at one of our Coffee and Catch Up sessions.


Or for a more sizable donation, £25 could pay for an entire Sit to be Fit session with a qualified instructor.


A £300 donation will pay for an accessible short break holiday (in our Luxury Caravan) for an entire family for a weekend and £650 can pay for an entire week.


These prices are subsidised by our organisation to make such breaks more accessible and affordable.

To donate to our accessible projects

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