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Tailored Leisure offers a range of activities and services specifically designed to enhance leisure and well-being for individuals with physical disabilities and long-term health conditions. Thanks to the National Lottery, many of our classes are free.

We're committed to ongoing growth and expansion, so be sure to check our page regularly for exciting new programs!

Sit to be Fit

Accessible Wellbeing

Coffee and Catch-Up

Tailored Leisure Co. is committed to promoting health and wellness in the local community through our innovative Sit to Be Fit classes.


These chair-based classes are led by experienced fitness instructors who are skilled in adapting exercises to accommodate diverse needs. 

Unlocking joy and wellness, Tailored Leisure presents a diverse spectrum of activities and services meticulously crafted for individuals with physical disabilities and long-term health conditions.


Thanks to the National Lottery, the majority of our classes are free of charge.

Join our Coffee and Catch-Up session, a warm gathering that fosters social connections and enhances mental well-being.


Sip on a cup of tea or coffee, savour refreshments, and engage in social games that unite people and ignite the joy of togetherness!

Accessible Short Stay Breaks

Atlantis Adventure Mega Inflatable

Our Accessible Luxury Caravan is a unique collaboration between Tailored Leisure Co. and Haven's Berwick Holiday Park that perfectly blends inclusivity, convenience, and value for money.


We are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy the ultimate holiday escape. One of the key features that set us apart is our Complex Park Pass.


We believe that accessibility should never come at the cost of enjoyment, and our Complex Park Pass ensures that our clients have exclusive access to a wide range of amenities and attractions within the Berwick Holiday Park.


We understand the importance of affordability, especially for families with disabled parents and/or children. Our subsidized caravan hire rates are not just competitive; they are designed to ensure no one is excluded.

Periodically the Sunderland Aquatic Centre will host the Atlantis Adventure Mega Inflatable which we are able to provide access to the community.

Accessibility Reviews

Improving the accessibility of your organisation and gaining an understanding of the needs of disabled individuals not only enriches your business but also boosts profits.


Tailored Leisure is committed to enhancing the experience of disabled customers at your venue by increasing your organisation's awareness of catering to various disabilities. We collaborate with a range of disabled organisations, service users, and specialists to achieve this vital goal.


With our support, local businesses can enhance their services and attract more disabled customers. We firmly believe that organisations must come together collaboratively to overcome the barriers that many disabled individuals encounter when trying to access the fitness and leisure industry.

Accessible Short Stay Breaks.

Accessibility Reviews.





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